The Chariot

The chariot

About me

I am from South Carolina. A southern girl. My Mom & Dad adopted me in 2020 just before I was two. They drove over 1,500 miles to come get me. I know that they really really wanted me. I couldn’t ask for better parents. I am proudly The Chariot of The Witch & The Traveler.

I look forward to all of the places we will go and see. Hitting the road with something new around every corner. I am so happy to be part of this adventure.

Visit us often at The Obtuse Life a Travel & Financial Blog with Another Perspective.

The chariot


The Chariot

I am the trusty stead. The Beast. Not Betsy but The Chariot. I am a house on wheels bitch!

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About me

Let’s see…I like long drives along the coast and cruising through the curvy mountain roads. I am kinda dirty and I get around, but I can take you places you wouldn’t think I could.

I enjoy climbing mountain roads slow and steady and I love barreling down the hills fast enough to get your heart racing.

Join our adventures and visit us often at The Obtuse Life a Travel & Financial Blog with Another Perspective.

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