The Chariot

The Adventure Begins

The Dream

It all started with a desire. A strong desire to be free, to live free. This became the dream. A dream of true freedom living outside of the Matrix. Living in servitude for so long it seemed unattainable; regardless, our desire to live on our own terms grew stronger and stronger. A desire to no longer be punching a clock for 40 plus hours a week. A desire to no longer have our lives dictated by someone else day after day, the mundane crushing our souls.

The goal was set. To live on our terms. To be free. To no longer live in servitude. Once we decided what we wanted, figuring out the steps necessary to make it a reality became clearer with each passing day. We needed to live simpler. We needed to no longer be owned by possessions. We needed to reduce our expenses. Let go of the unnecessary wants and focus on our needs. We needed to become mobile. We needed a residual income.

The Beast
This was my Beast.
Her Baby
This was The Witch's Rocket Ship

We have spent the greater part of 2020 selling off items that we no longer desire. I sold my Toyota Tacoma. The Witch sold her brand new 2020 Tesla Model 3 she bought at the end of last year. The clutter in the house that had value was sold, and the rest has been donated. This has all been a process and is still taking place presently. You wouldn’t believe how much you accumulate over the years that you just don’t need. It all just becomes weight. Keeping you stuck in the perpetual machine.

We have sold one house, are under contract on another, and are working on the process of refinancing our most recent purchase to make it a more profitable rental property. The capital we have been accumulating for liquidating our belongings and our other two properties we are reinvesting and re-leveraging to purchase more rental properties in a more affordable market then the Denver Metro area.

Meet Our Chariot

This is where we are, and this is where our adventure begins. As I previously mentioned, one thing we decided is that we can not be free while being bound to one location. So, the search for a house on wheels started. It was a lot of research looking for what met all our needs. After a solid minute looking at different RVs we did discover and finally chose a Winnebago Outlook 22E as our new home on wheels.

2019 Winnebago Outlook "The Chariot"

Adventure Time

As with most things you set out to do, there were complications. Such as, no dealer around had any 2020 Outlooks for sale. They were all sold out. The 2021 won’t be available until the end of the year. Oh man. All that research. Now what? A small compromise was made. We decided we will look for one slightly used. Boom! Perfect. We found our Chariot. Not only was she what we wanted, but it turns out, she was brand new. She was just last year’s model. No worries, she even cost us significantly less as a result. Our Chariot: a brand new 2019 Winnebago Outlook 22E.

After 1,500 plus miles and one amazing scenic road trip with its own adventures we made it to Adventure Motor Homes in South Carolina and joined the RV Community. Well I guess we are still wet behind the ears, but we are full of excitement for what our future holds, the adventures to be had, and the stories to be told. To quote our recently acquainted real estate agent “Onward!”.

The Adventure Begins

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