Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods a National Natural Landmark

Garden of the Gods

If visiting and hiking the Garden of the Gods is not already on your bucket list, then I hope to change your mind with this post. The Garden of the Gods is literally a garden on Earth worthy of gods. A paradise landscape with 300-foot towering sandstone rock formations just outside of Colorado Springs with over 20 miles of hiking trails and activities for the whole family.

Hiking the Garden of the Gods

The absolute one trail you must walk when visiting the Garden of the Gods is the Central Garden Trail. On this trail you will walk through the Central Garden and will be able to see the Kissing Camels, Tower of Bable, North Gateway Rock, White Rock, South Gateway Rock, Pulpit Rock, Cathedral Spires, Gray Rock, Sleeping Giant, Keyhole Window, Three Graces, and the Sentinel Spires. I know, that’s a lot of rocks. Hiking the Central Garden Trail you see all but 4 of the 17 rock formations; however, you can see the last 4 on your dive through the park.

Other Activities

If you are interested there are several other activities you can engage in while visiting the Garden of the Gods, such as Rock Climbing. Yes! You can climb some of these amazing rock formations. I mean, if your into all of that. If you are a Rock Climber, my guess is you actually already know this. However, if you are just interested in climbing these rocks, definitely stop by the Visitor Center and look into Front Range Climbing Co. They will get you climbing and repelling on these rocks. In addition to rock climbing, you can ride horses, and take nature walk tours. You can learn more about all the available activities and plan for your visit here.

Our Adventure

Everyone’s trip or adventure anywhere is always a unique experience. As far ours. We ventured and tripped through the Garden of the Gods over the course of three days. Some of you may think that is a long time to visit a such a place. I would argue that we did not spend enough time in this paradise. However, I am sure we will be back through this way and do another hike or two.

Day 1

On our first day we started out with visiting the Visitor Center which is where we obtained our map of the park as well as checked out the gift shop. Always one of The Witch’s favorite things to do in places like this.

From the Visitor Center we headed out to the Garden of the Gods in our Chariot and drove through the park taking pictures of the rock formations. You know, just being the typical tourists at a new place. Got to get all those selfies in.

While we were being tourists we  were also scouting out and planning our adventure through the Garden of the Gods.

After a picnic in paradise we finished our day doing a little shopping a the Trading Post. Which, by the way. If you are into the gift shop thing, you will want to do your shopping here. The place is huge. We got some really cool stickers for the Chariot.

Day 2

Awww. The leisure stroll through the park. This is the style of those doing the tourist thing in their 50s or traveling as the whole family. Which is perfect.

We started super early in the morning to beat the heat of an August day. Our aim was to walk the Central Garden Trail.

This trail is through the main part of the park and we had a blast doing more of the tourist thing. Honestly, it was an epic date if you ask me.

We took our time and spent the better of 3 hours walking, talking, taking pictures, and playing in the garden. By the time we were done. I am sure we felt like we were gods.

Day 3 - The Final Day

This was our last day in the park. It was also the hard core day. We hit the park at about 7 am and parked the Chariot in Overflow parking at the main gateway road. From there we started hiking down the Gateway Trail where we crossed paths with a couple of morning hikers with their canine companions.

The Hike

The Gateway Trail ( .5 Miles) connected us to the Bretag Trail. This is the trail where we encountered the boys having a morning snack. We could not help ourselves. We had to interrupt their breakfast for a little photo shoot before we continue our hike.

The Bretag Trail (.3 Miles) connected us to the Palmer Trail. Which is an epic scenic fun trail to hike. It was a fun terrain and had a little glute burner involved.

The Palmer Trail (1.7 Miles) brought us down to the Siamese Twins Trail which is when we realized our single apple and protein bar was not going to be enough for us to keep going. So this is when we decided to back track and connect back to the Scotsman Trail.

The Way Back

Once we were on the Scotsman Trail we headed back toward the Central Garden Trail. Along the way we handed of our map to a couple who were not sure where they were. I do hope they made it back to their car. They looked a bit hot.

The Scotsman Trail (.67 miles) brought us to the Central Garden Trail which we burned through to the other side and reconnected to the Palmer Trail and trucked back to the Chariot finishing our morning hike with an additional 1.3 miles for a total hike of 4.47 miles.

With that we had an amazing breakfast back at the Chariot and headed of to a local park and passed out in our hammocks. That is how our three days went at the Garden of the Gods. We would love to hear about your adventure as well.

Happy Hiking.

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