Meow Wolf Santa Fe NM

Meow Wolf : The Interactive Art Experience & Epic Date

Meow Wolf, Santa Fe New Mexico

From the very first moment we heard about Meow Wolf it has been on our bucket list. If you have never heard of it you may be wondering what IS this “Meow Wolf”. Hell, I know I did. In short, Meow Wolf is an Interactive Art Experience located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Which is a mouthful and may perhaps still be leaving you going, huh? What’s that?

Well, think of a giant abstract painting by Picasso with a story that you get to enter, experience, and interact with. It is off the wall, crazy, fun, and nothing like you have ever done before.

Even the Parking Lot is Art

As usual, we always arrive to an event early. This time was no different with still 30 minutes prior to our tour time. However, there was no boredom hanging out in a dull parking lot or waiting in line. Not at Meow Wolf. Not for a minute. The whole parking lot was art to include some amazing statues.

Meow Wolf Army Wolf Statue
Army Wolf & The Witch
The Meow Wolf Robot Statue
Giant Parking Lot Robot with a Flower

Getting Inside

Sometimes things can get so exciting. We were super excited to enter and truly discover what this place was all about. Once inside, there was instant amazement and awe of it all. Words don’t even explain it. It is something you will have to see for yourself. Best part, is it isn’t even the best part. It literally is where you get your wrist band and can enjoy their cafe and gift shop. Which you absolutely should.

Plan Your Trip to Meow Wolf Today!

Things are always changing at House of Eternal Return. Every year brings new murals, new installations, new narrative content, and new programming. 

Whether you've visited before or if you're a first-timer, you'll find something you've never experienced before.

Meow Wolf

When you are ready to plan that trip and have that epic date with your someone special, give a gander to Meow Wolf’s website and grab your tickets here.

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